Tri County
Self Help Housing

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About Tri County

Tri-County is a non-profit CDC started in 1994 to focus on the betterment of our area. Our mission includes developing high quality, affordable housing, buildin gcommunity development, and non-profit capacity building.
Tri-County is a non-profit (501c3) Community Development Corporation.

Tri-County's mission is to guide, initiate, implement, and fund strategies and programs that promote opportunities for economic and self improvement throughout the entire Tri-County Enterprise Community.

Tri-County's goals include: 
Economic opportunities – creating jobs, attracting private partnerships, workforce development, providing business assistance (loans)

Adequate and affordable housing - Self-Help Housing

Community capacity building – community outreach, support for long range planning, grant writing support

Access to recreational and cultural activities (quality of life issues) -

Sustainable community development - Promoting physical and human development -- such as safe streets, clean air and water, lifelong learning, healthy communities and a commitment to personal, family, and civic responsibility
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